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It also accompanies the Technical Design E-Guide for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).

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BuildingGenius compiles product listings and information for a wide range of building product categories.


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The Technical Design E-Guide for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) provides comprehensive action-oriented guidance for building assembly detailing, product specifications, HVAC and hot water systems, and code compliance strategies

The guide is intended for architects, builders, and other professional users. Homeowners can also benefit from the guide to better advocate for their goals and enhance interactions within the team.


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"The guide was super informative to reference to determine the right kind and size of water heater for our basement conversion ADU project. We learned so much from reading through the section on hot water heaters. We are excited to see what else we can learn from the guide on future projects!"

-Jen Agius, Studio M MERGE

"This guide is a must have for builders and designers in the ADU space, and everywhere else for that matter. There is always something new to learn, and this guide will help you up your energy game A LOT! It would be malpractice to not own this guide and reference it regularly."

-Dan McDunn, CEO, McDunn Construction

I've found the section on heat pump hot water heaters very useful and informative; with information on efficiency, best locations, how they work, issues that are different from regular water heaters and more. ADUs are very complicated little buildings and it is tricky to get all the systems right with all the changing codes and rules.  I am looking forward to having this guidebook to help design for best performance.

-Sarah Deeds, Architect, Deeds Design

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