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The purpose of the Forum On Dry Climate HP is to annually gather our industry’s smartest people together so we can learn from each other. We have three main goals:

1- Continuing Education

Those of us that practice home performance contracting quickly learn how difficult the “house-as-a-system” concept and the application of building science actually is.  More accurately, how difficult it is to implement the concepts and science in the infinitely complicated and variable assemblies we encounter.  We want to get a group of the smartest people in the nation together so we can learn with and from each other.  There’s always so much more to learn.

2-Technical Solutions

The manufacturers of “common sense” energy solutions like high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, foam insulation, tankless water heaters and ground-source heat pumps are spending millions to convince us, and our customers, that they have all their solutions for our high performance buildings.  Building science research often doesn’t support their marketing.  Our approaches to high performance buildings need to deliver true measured performance.  We need to make sure we are sorting out the marketing from their real solutions and share with each other what really works.


There has never been a time when working together has been more important.  We need to include “the workers” in the process if we are to accomplish California’s AB-32 and Zero-Net goals.  In recognition of the critical need for cooperative efforts we have invited representatives of the CPUC, CEC, PG&E, SCE, SMUD, LBNL, NREL, and EPA in addition to the core of our group, Home Performance contractors.  Our hope is that an open forum for sharing and feedback of test data, research, successes and failures will serve to build teamwork and success in our home performance industry.

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