June 4, 2018

Latest Housing Department Rules + Regulations.

Accessory Residential Units (ARUs):

Units created through this program are developed as part of nonresidential developments that are exempt from the housing requirements set by the LDRs. These units are rented to workers employed in Teton County, and they must remain as rental property (i.e., they cannot be converted to condominiums). Accessory Residential Units developed after June 4, 2018 will be part of the "Workforce Rental" program.

6-1. Applicability

All rental housing units administered by the Housing Department, including the Affordable Rental program (which includes the legacy ARU program), are subject to these Housing Department Rules and Regulations, which the exception of units that are owned by Teton County or the Town of Jackson and used for housing their employees. Section 6-1 does not apply to cases where the Housing Department has approved rental of a room in a unit.


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