Use the NEEP Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump List

The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump List is an excellent database covering a wide variety of available minisplit and other heat pump systems. It is easy to navigate and facilitates equipment selection. 

There is an advanced section that allows you to enter your heat load and climate to evaluate expected performance throughout the year. It will show percentage of time the system will operate in modulating mode, which should be maximized, and cycling mode, which should be minimized. 


  1. Enter as much information about the heat pump system in the drop downs. Or, enter a brand to get a list of possible models.
  2. Click Advanced Search- Size for Heating
  3. Enter State, nearest weather station, heating design temp (if different than what's auto-populated), and heating design load. 
  4. Click Run Advanced Sizing for Heating Search
  5. Click % Annual Load Modulating column header until sorted by descending. Screenshot after completing steps 1-5.
  6. Click on the link under the View column for a report on the system
  7. Click save as PDF in the top right to save a copy of the report
  8. Images courtesy of NEEP. 


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