Use ASHRAE Design Data Tool

Use for heating and cooling load calculations or to generally understand the conditions near a site. Guidance:

  1. Select "2017" and "IP" (units)
  2. Scroll and zoom to get to your region of interest, then right click to show nearby weather stations; -OR-
    • Get lat/long coords from
    • Then paste coordinates in "latitude and longitude" field near top left of ASHRAE tool
  3. Review weather station options for that best suited for location; note that due to microclimates and elevation differences, the closest station may NOT be the best choice
  4. Click station of interest (from list at left, or on map) to populate climate data
  5. Scroll down to see climate data, then copy link or open print-friendly data view by clicking icons at bottom right of the data


Detailed Guidance for Item 2:

Latitude and longitude coordinates steps 1-2
Latitude and longitude coordinates step 3


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